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SACMI-SAMA’s PCM Line – a Success for 20 Years

More than 200 pressure casting machines from the PCM range for tableware items have been sold
around the world by SACMI-SAMA. Of these, over 50 solutions are part of the new “GREEN series”, with
which the SACMI Group has remade its mark on the market over the last five years, leading the way with its
focus on efficiency and energy savings.

Top performance, together with optimum cell flexibility, are the key
features explaining the 20 year-long success that these solutions have found in the Tableware sector during
the switch from mainly manual work processes to totally automated lines from piece casting and demoulding
to drying and finishing operations. Thanks to their capacity to combine full automation with a high
level of customization these solutions have been purchased by numerous leading customers on the market
where demand is still strong for these modular machines suitable for handling a wide range of production.

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