SACMI-SAMA’s PCM Line – a Success for 20 Years

More than 200 pressure casting machines from the PCM range for tableware items have been sold around the world by SACMI-SAMA. Of these, over 50 solutions are part of the new “GREEN series”, with which the SACMI Group has remade its mark on the market over the last five years, leading the way with its focus on efficiency and energy savings.

SACMI-SAMA PHO Isostatic Presses – New Frontiers in Forming Technologies

With its range of latest generation isostatic presses PHO451 and PHO700, SACMI-SAMA leads the way as sole supplier of horizontal presses for tableware able to manufacture pieces having a diameter (before firing, ) between 110-480 mm. Already supplied to the top customers in the industry, these new design presses bring to more than 520 the total number of SAMA/DE machines installed throughout the world, which is why SACMI-SAMA is renowned for its extensive know-how and expertise in this field.

LIPPERT Foot Polishing Technology for Tableware

The leading foot polishing technology of LIPPERT/DE machines has now been supplemented with a new pivot roller diamond polishing concept. The existing product line has already covered a wide tableware product range combined with diamond bonded polishing media and inline or rotary table machine design.

SACMI-SAMA Presents the MONO 10T Evolution System for Automatic Dip Glazing Technology

Specially designed for rapid glaze-colour change-over, the strong point of this machine is the extremely low maintenance requirements. In addition, it is the only solution on the market for the automatic glazing of wash-foot articles.

Safe Separation of Abrasive Quartz Fine Dust

Herding® Filter Technology Reliably in Operation at the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG



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